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Autumn Poems

Mild fall weather and glorious fall scenes inspire autumn poems, and autumn photos.

Autumn on Cape Cod in Massachusetts meant cranberry bogs turned ripe and red with harvesting in progress; and perhaps trips to northern Massachusetts or Vermont to see the brilliant hues of maples and elms. It's a quieter time of year to visit the Cape, and for many autumn is their favorite time of year.

Autumn in Florida also means a few trees with usually less vibrant but still colorful leaves.  Roses and hibiscus are in bloom.  The weather begins to cool and we can open the doors and windows to let the fresh breezes in - and save on air conditioning electricity. Although not really a swimming time of year in central Florida, it is a time for leisurely neighborhood strolls or exploring the beautiful parks, for bike riding and boating. Perfect weather; and very few miss northern winters regardless of how beautiful the snow sparkles!

Here I share a collection of my Autumn Poems, written at various places and times, but always, I hope, with the guidance of the Master's hand.

Autumn Harvest
Cranberry Bog, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Copyright Elizabeth Goehringer
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When the Master Artist walks the land,
And autumn trees burst into flame,
With His brush poised in His hand
He gently frosts the window pane,

And through the rippled glass is viewed
The charcoal'd forms of geese alight
Above the silvered land eschewed
In rapt formation as a kite.

Across the land a stream still sings
As it winds its poignant path
To shimmer in the sunlit beams,
And peel away its scales of glass.

Too soon the hoary season's tide
Will paralyze with ice tossed look.
Leaves brushed brown are quickly dried
As icy chards invade the brook.

Yet the Master still creates
With artistry in tones of white.
Entombed, the natural world awaits
His breath of life, His touch of light.
ELG   4/3/01 Copyright

Edward Steichen 1906
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To some autumn is death,

To some it hints cold, comfortless winter
just around the bend.
But to me it is life,
And I welcome it as a much cherished friend.

Autumn is life and alive.
A man clad in crisp garments of freshness
and vitality,
By whose presence I'm awakened,
And compelled into a bees' nest of activity.

Life renewing Autumn,
Should your beauty and vigorous strength
surround us all the year,
How intensely we should live!
But as beauty fades, life dies
and winter is here.
ELG 1960s Copyright

TOO SOON AUTUMN                                                                               

So quickly October relinquishes its faded glory…                                          

Witches to wish bones,

Jack ‘O  Lanterns to pumpkin pie,

Apple picking and bobbing

To pie gobbling and cider slurping,

Birds chirping to turkey eating,

Joyful leaves to somber winter -

Nature naps, closes its eyes.

Closeted out of sight,

It gathers strength,

And prepares for spring.

Renewed, restored, hidden,

New life impatiently patient,

Claws at its shell,

Breakwater Beach, Cape Cod Massachusetts
Copyright Elizabeth Goehringer
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Cracks and bursts forth.

Spring is born.

ELG 10/24/11 Copyright


Soft winds blow
harbingers of winter snow.
Shrill gusts swirl leaves
in tattered colors from the trees.

Indian sun
beats summery upon
the waning earth
a belated, lingering worth...

And my life too
feels refreshed as you
gently warm my soul,
waking my heart from the cold.
ELG 11/7/97 Copyright

Waters Edge at Moon Lake,
Copyright Elizabeth Goehringer
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The dew twinkles on the lake,
And sparkles on the trees.
Last night's rain drops softly prate,
Dripping gently from the leaves.

The morning breeze wisps the trees
As feathered plumes are flown.
Chirping birds their carols weave:
With joy the day is sewn.
ELG 9/28/10  Copyright


God's heart is in new life

When buds burst forth in spring,
and hope grows yet eternal
And all of life seems green.

His tears refresh our summer
When life seems drawn and dry,
And there is none to share with
Nor shade us when we cry.

God's soul is in our autumn
when the winds begin to blow.
He knows how much we tremble
As the billows take their toll;

And in the depths of winter
When hope tends to desparir,
He blankets us with comfort
As we cry to him in prayer.

He's with us in life's seasons
Unwilling to let go.
He is there in times of joy,
Yet more as teardrops flow.

As we give our hearts to Him,
He will heal our every pain,
And bless our souls with Sonshine,
And turn our loss to gain.
ELC 5/3/99 Swedesboro, NJ Copyright

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  1. My family and I really needed a time out from our work and a friend suggested we go to Cape Cod. When we arrived on Cape Cod, I was surprised that it was a serene place, but there were a lot of fun things to do on Cape Cod! We went sailing in Hyannis Harbor on a sailboat and then we went to Provincetown to watch whales do their thing. The experience was just plain awesome, we all feel energized when we got back to our house.


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